Thanks to our collaboration with the most distinguished professionals in the field, View Point Strategy can develop photo and video productions to cover any of our clients’ needs.

Photo Services
Viewpointstrategy provides comprehensive photo services in both interior and exterior locations with the help of professional photographers. It also provides clients with consultancy and support in selecting locations for its photo sets and for any other logistical requirement.

Audio-video productions for cinema and TV
Thanks to our collaboration with Siri Video, our agency designs and develops video for any communication requirements our clients may have, from audio-video productions for TV and Cinema to consultancies related to third-party productions.

Visual Branding
A person or company’s public image is one of the key elements involved in communications. Nowadays the narrative is conveyed first through photos, videos, logos and only subsequently through language: which is why carefully conveying the visual identity of a Brand is so important. Our agency cares for every facet of our clients’ Visual Branding, from the personal styling of the staff to designing and developing content for a press or advertisin